Eyes have not seen…

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“[He’s] never late/
[He’s] always on time/
Get ready for your miracle/
Move to the front of the line/
Today is your day/
Today is your day/
Today is your day/
Get ready, get ready, get ready/
You’re next in line for a miracle/”
Pastor Shirley Caesar

Well, what did you expect?

I already stated – in my previous post – that I’ve been listening to Gospel music pretty much non-stop for the past couple of months or so. (Nothing salvages the heart of this savage beast like a good song about the Good News.) So, these days, you can expect Gospel music to be at the forefront of my mental soundtrack…and apparently, at the helm of this post.

That’s not to say that I’ve completely abandoned my temporal tunes, or my worldly ways, for that matter. (Hell no.) But what I will say is in keeping with not only the secular world, but it’s spiritual counterpart as well: “To everything, there is a season.”

As the current season shows itself in orange-colored leaves and the louder whispers of a chillier breeze, it shows itself to me as a time of viable change–in the air and in my account…my bank account, that is.

At the beginning of this year, I kicked my blog into low gear with a post about my low balance.

“Forty-six cents,” I sighed.

I stared at the numbers with a surprising level of nonchalance.

We’re back to this, are we? I thought.

To find out what “this” was, click here. To find out what this is, keep reading.

Almost nine months from the date that I posted about my impoverished life, I’ve given birth to a new one–one that consists of a consistent place to live, consistent schedules to work, and consistent paychecks deposited consistently into my account. (Hallelujah!)

No, my new life isn’t perfect, but it is better. And to sum it up adequately, brothers Bert and John Jacobs got it right when they pronounced, Life is Good.

This morning, as I spoke with a friend about the tumultuous terrain I traversed to arrive at this moment in time, I couldn’t help but shed tears of gratitude for the goodness of life. The joy and the pain that embedded every step of my journey welled up in my eyes and my throat as I talked about Mother Maui making me face and embrace my fears, and God and my angels making me lie down in green pastures while making my paths straight through those fears.

I was particularly choked up as I recounted the fearful circumstances surrounding my ordeal with the IRS earlier this year. For some reason, I shared this story on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages, but not here on my blog. Odd, but true. It’s also convenient. (Why reinvent the wheel when I’m already on a roll?)

I’ve experienced a number of miracles in my life, and I’m amazed to state that that number has seemingly doubled just within the 11 months that I’ve called Maui home. But this one, this IRS one…this one really takes the cake. And here’s a slice for you:

A lesson about the IRS and angels.

God will put you in the most unbelievably back-against-the-wall situation just to show you that not only can you survive it, but you can make it through to the other side.

On February 18, 2016, I sat down with a tax preparer and handed him my 2015 tax documents, fully expecting to receive a refund in return like I always have. But what I received instead was a piece of paper that stated that, this time, the IRS is expecting to receive funds from me.

My reaction? Tears. Ugly-cry tears.

First of all, I’ve never owed the IRS before and was terrified by the thought of it. Secondly, I did not have the amount that I owed anywhere near my bank account. In fact, I barely had enough to pay the tax preparer what I owed him for telling me what I owed the IRS.

True, I was working two part-time jobs. But both jobs, at the same damn time, were dropping my work hours like Oprah is dropping pounds. (Heeey, Oprah. Looking good, Girl!) Anyway, I was devastated. And I spent much of the last two months devastated.

But God!

No, money did not fall out of the sky – or my parents’ pockets – into my lap like manna from heaven. No, I didn’t make the acquaintance of a sugar-daddy who pledged to give me the desires of my wallet. No Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks plot-twist came to fruition.

But what did come was a very small and very still voice inside of me that said, “Just try.”

So, with tears in my eyes and a tear in my heart the size of…of…something big, I tried to save up the large amount that I owed the IRS – in two months – and still live in one of the most expensive states in the U.S. Honey, I cried and tried, and tried and cried.

But God (!) stationed angels around me, and while I was crying and trying and trying and crying, these angels fed me FREE food, clothed me with FREE clothes, and gave me FREE shelter to lay my head.

As a result of these angelic beings and my scrimping and saving, on yesterday, April 18, 2016, I wrote a check to the IRS for the full amount that I owed. (Today, April 19, 2016, I got paid so I’m able to actually cover that check.) In any case, God is good, I am good, it’s all good.

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