“The Scream” (Image via EdvardMunch.org.)

Hello, it’s me.

I was wondering if, after all these months, you’d like to read my thoughts on living on Maui.



I’ve never felt so amazed and so in awe and so pissed and so impatient and so determined and so doubtful and so courageous and so fearful in…my…life.


Tomorrow will mark five (5) months since my most recent arrival on the “Valley Isle.” Hmph, the Valley Isle; how appropriate.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death [and debt–college loan debt, credit card debt, IRS debt], I will fear…” EVERYTHING.

And yet..

“…Thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff [and my friends, acquaintances, co-workers, Facebook News Feed] they comfort me.”


Have you ever held your breath without realizing it?

Have you ever lived your life without actually living it?

For the past several months, I have felt like the walking dead–going through the motions of living without really doing so.

You: “But you’re living on Maui?!”

Me: “And your point?”

I’ve never seen a more idyllic locale with more drug addicts. I’ve never witnessed a more utopian place with more people living from paycheck to welfare check to no check. I’ve never encountered a more paradoxical paradise. Granted, the pictures that you see on the postcards are real. But what’s also real is what they do not show.

Visiting Maui is very different than living on Maui.

(But you probably could’ve guessed that from visiting vs. living wherever you are. Maui is no exception.)

Maui is also no exception to the Law of Attraction. Focus on the extreme amount of lack on this island and you will experience it firsthand. I can testify to that. Similarly, focus on the extreme amount of wealth on this island and…well, I’m still waiting to be able to testify to that.

As I wait, however, I am no longer holding my breath.


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