Winner solstice.


“It’s been a long time,
Shouldn’t’ve left you,
Without a dope beat to step to.”

Or, in my case, a dope blog post to read.

But, in my defense, I’ve been busy.

Since writing my last post, “Reading between the signs,” I’ve been busy following those signs to Maui.


I’ve been busy freaking out about the fact that I bought, yet, another one-way ticket to the island, and I’ve been busy receiving the reassurances the Universe has given me. I’ve been busy looking for work and, consequently, I’ve been busy finding it. I’ve been busy looking for housing and I’ve been busy avoiding anymore Craigslist ads. I’ve been busy living in Hawai’i.



I’ve also been busy sipping tea.


And I’ve been busy walking in circles.


I’ve been busy letting my hair grow too.


Additionally, I’ve been busy not caring or computing that it’s almost Christmas. Because when you live here…


…what’s Christmas again?

Admittedly, my being ‘too busy to write’ was also a result of me waiting to write until I had all of my Maui ducks in a row. You know: The apartment that overlooks the stunning view, the career that makes me extremely happy and extremely rich, and the man who makes all of my fantasies come true.

Nope. Nada. Uh-uh.

What I got instead? A bed in a hostel. (I ain’t complaining though.) Two part-time jobs. (Thank you, Jesus.) And the unrequited affection of a decent young man. (Bless his heart.)

All in all, my ducks may not be swans but, at least, they’re swimming. And at least I’m living on Maui.



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