Bag lady.

Then – June 2015
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Now – September 2015

Ninety-nine percent of my belongings fit into these two backpacks. (The other one percent are playing on a Trump golf course somewhere–I kid, I kid.)

But I’m not kidding about these backpacks being able to carry most of my stuff. In fact, up until two weeks ago, they carried all of my stuff. And shortly thereafter, I realized that I couldn’t carry them.

Five years ago, I injured my groin muscle really badly. I took medicine and received physical therapy, and the pain eventually subsided; however my groin muscle remains sensitive to this day. As a result, I avoid carrying heavy things like the plague. Actually, I try to avoid carrying anything at all. (I can be very lazy and my arms look like a stick-figure drawing, so it’s a three-birds/one-stone kind of deal.)

In any case, a couple of weeks ago, I overdid it. I overlooked my slothful attitude, stick arms and sensitive groin, and ended up giving myself sciatica.

How am I going to be cleared for take off when I can’t even put on and take off my bags? I thought.

As I rested and wrestled with my fragile state, I received this message in my inbox last week from my life coach mentor, Alan Cohen:

“Minimalism can be a trap. Needing more of less is just another form of needing more.”


“But, but…” I wanted to contest.

But what could I say? There I was, maimed, lame and manipulated by my mission for more…of less.

Actually, my mission was to be like a turtle.

Yes, a turtle.

A turtle carries his home with him wherever he goes. A turtle is a true nomad. And, as I’ve come to recently see, a turtle is strong as hell.


So much for that idea, I thought.

I then contemplated the idea of other animals that are regarded for traveling light and whose example I could follow and successfully execute. Though after starting my list with birds and then giving the idea some more thought, I realized that every freaking animal travels light!

Dammit, man!

(No wonder my body is frustrated. I’ve been comparing myself to species that have never known the joy of Naot sandals.)

Admittedly, I’ve also been comparing myself to those of the human species who seem to have the nomadic travel-thing on lock. Ah. And therein lies the “trap,” at least, for me.

It is possible to be so inspired by a person that one can be too inspired to become just like said person. And while inspiration and admiration are welcomed by just about every person I know, imitation – no matter how flattering – is not authentic. And the goal, at least, for me is authenticity.

So, if that means that I won’t be able to carry all of my stuff with me all of the time on all of my travels, (sigh) so be it. Even foxes have dens and birds have nests…and turtles have Hawai’i. Amen.

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