Blank space.


No, this post isn’t an ode to Taylor Swift’s song. “Blank space” describes what this post looked like about 45 minutes ago.

Have you ever encountered a blank space in your life and wondered how to fill it? Did you consider cramming that space with stuff, just for the sake of filling in the blank?

I did. In fact, I waged a weeklong war about it in my head. A lot of stuff happened to me this week. Good stuff. Miraculous even. Yet, when I looked at my blog’s blank space, I wasn’t particularly inspired to fill it. That’s due to two key reasons: 1) I didn’t want to, and 2) I’m okay with blank space.

When I lived in Austin, the interior design style of my apartment was minimalist, to say the least. And “the least” is exactly what my apartment contained. (Part, personal style; part, pocketbook style.) After three years of living with bare walls and barely-there décor, I realized that the ‘bare necessities’ is more than a Disney diddy–it’s a way of living, a way of being. It’s a way of breathing clearly in a world that’s stuffy with…stuff.

As an artist and an introvert, I am very sensitive to stuff. Sometimes, even allergic to it. And just as sinus channels need to be cleared when physical allergies kick in, so are my mental and blogging channels in need of clearing right now. Essays, reflections and blurbs–oh no. Too many words. Too much stuff.

I need space filled with nothing so that I can feel everything.
I need space as bare as a patient painter’s canvas.
I need blank space.

Copyright © 2014-2016 Stephanie Rochelle Redd. All rights reserved.


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