Zoom, baby.

Ah-choo. (Image via OneNomadWoman.com)
(Image via OneNomadWoman.com)

This post will be short. Very short. As short as my attention span has been recently concerning all things not related to Hawaii, Japan or some other far away land. While some people are contending with flem-inducing contagion this season, I have contracted a full-blown case of the flight-inquiring travel bug. And as far as I can tell, my recovery is just as distant as French Polynesia. Hmm…Bora Bora.


I tried to pen this week’s post a couple of times about a couple of different subjects other than my chronic wanderlust. I considered writing about double standards and ruminate on the choice of anti-violence protestors to campaign so heartily at Fifty Shades of Grey’s movie debuts but not at any of the premieres for The Kingsmen. (I haven’t yet seen Fifty Shades of Grey, but I’d venture to write that The Kingsmen – which I have seen – is just as, if not more, violent. I’d also guess that The Kingsmen is more badass.)

I also thought about writing a post titled “Practice makes better,” and address the idea that while making repeated mistakes (i.e. multiple divorces and bankruptcies, and traveling with too many bags–ah-choo!) are often received negatively by society, they are important instruments in learning and they actually bring us closer to success.

Alas, though there was intention, there was no feeling. I didn’t feel like writing about either of those topics.

What I actually felt like doing – and ultimately did – was composing, editing and re-editing my travel wardrobe, packing and re-packing my wardrobe in my new Jansport Superbreak® wheeled backpack, buying nifty travel items (including my new backpack and a travel towel from Youphoria), checking airfares on Kayak.com and transforming into a travel statistician superhero, and stalking Condé Nast Traveler’s Facebook page among other travel blogs.

No deep introspection. No intentional inspiration. No, this post is founded on my explicit and all-consuming desire to get the hell out of dodge a.k.a. Daytona Beach. (((sniffs))) To experience a little SoCal living. (((sniffs))) To go home again to my beloved Maui. (((sniffs))) To escape cold temperatures or, at least, be too distracted by Kyoto’s cherry blossom season and Kobe beef burgers to notice. (((sniffs))) To fly far away from here. (((sniffs))) Zoom, baby!


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