Just finished watching “Selma.”

(Image via Eonline)
(Image via Eonline)

Now I see why it tanked at the box office.

It’s not a popular story. It’s not a pretty story. It’s not even a “story.”

It’s a mirror.

A mirror that shows us the ugliest parts of ourselves. The parts that we try so desperately to hide with the makeshift makeup of modernism.

But modernism can’t make up for past injustices. It can’t make up for the present ones either. Modernism can only mask the ugliness that lay beneath it. The ugliness that has been manifested as “racism,” “discrimination” and “hatred.” The ugliness that is fear.

Fear can lead some people to do some ugly things. Say some ugly words. Think some ugly thoughts. In fact, fear led to the ugliness depicted in “Selma.” And for many of us, it is fear that has deterred us from seeing “Selma” in the first place.

Fear of seeing ourselves beaten. Fear of seeing ourselves beating. Fear of seeing ourselves being seen by others as less than. Fear of seeing ourselves being seen by others as monsters.

But there is no movement without facing fear. And there is no movement beyond fear without courage.

It takes courage to look into the mirror. It takes courage to admit to seeing the ugliness. It takes courage to see “Selma.”

That’s why it tanked at the box office. We exchanged our courage for modernism…and “The Wedding Ringer.”

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One thought on “Just finished watching “Selma.”

  1. Yeah, it takes a different kind of courage to admit when you’ve been wrong, or when we as a society have been wrong, it’s tough, and sometimes we make excuses for ourselves and we don’t even realize that’s what we’re doing; but owning our mistakes and our flaws and thinking about the ways we could have been better, done better would like to grow and mature on both a personal and collective level.

    We first must be able to visualize to ourselves what the proper message would be for the protestors has to be able to visualize it out in our own head first and foremost before we can expect to happen before you can just throw some stuff in there unless we pay attention to it

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a conversation with someone about our human rights abuses all across the globe which we often call foreign policy, or our terrible track record on racism and poverty here at home and the other person acts like I just made all that information up, never mind that most of these things have been documented for decades or anything tho right?

    Without fail, the people who are all rah rah go America we’re number 1 are the ones who don’t know how to process the information, or outright refuse to, still in a state of denial that the data and the statistics have somehow been cooked, because they run contrary to what they want to see or are expecting back there, I know I’ll be the first to call the government out over some bullshit on any level out overBut I do it because I know we can do all do better. their shenanigans Then theres people like us, regardless of hoe man hall these studies and


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