Allow me to re-introduce myself.

That was then… (Image via EduPic)
Photo: Palm Beach Post
…this is now! (Image via Palm Beach Post)

Hello (again) and welcome to my new online home!

Much like the nomadic tendencies that I display in the physical realm of my life, I have been journeying through the virtual world as well. It’s been a little over a month since I wrote my last post at my former web home, The Head-Smart/Heart-Dumb Girl Blog, and as is the case with most moves, the transition has been…eh.

However, now that I’m finally settling in to my new residence, the distress of change is shifting into the eustress of change, and I’m feeling like my old self again, but with a broader set of wings. So that means that the witty, engaging, insightful and transparent observations that you are used to receiving from me will resume once more, though, now they’ll include a different catalog of subject matter.

Since last we spoke (or typed…read…whatever), I self-published a new book titled Good Erotica for Good Girls: Short Stories of Consensual, Safe and Shameless Sex. Oh, lower your eyebrows; it’s just about sex. In all seriousness though, this book has proven to be yet another turning point in my life.

Will I or won’t I listen to my heart? Will I or won’t I give into societal pressure to silence my desires and dig a shallow grave for them in Cowardice Cemetary? Will I or won’t I continue to be the badass that I’ve been for the past year?  

(For those of you who may be unaware of the badass that I’ve been for the past year, click here–or here.)

At any rate, I decided to continue on my path of badassery and publish my book. And here I am today–no longer a head-smart/heart-dumb girl with pieces of Stephanie Rochelle Redd here and there, but Stephanie Rochelle Redd in total. So, as I continue to fly the badass skies, I invite you, as always, to come along for the ride. But keep in mind, the ride may get rough. Though I have great vision, my sight, at times, does get blurry. So that just means…buckle up.

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